45 Di boss

45 Di boss
Birth name
Howard Samuels Jr
12 March 1990
Spanish Town

Howard Samuels Jr better known as 45 was born March 12, 1990 at Spanish Town Hospital Jamaica. At the age of five Samuels and his family relocated to Boston Massachusetts were he attended public school. Samuels has always had a undeniable infatuation with music giving the fact his mother would repeatably play wide variety of artist ranging from Whitney Huston to Vybz Kartel so it came to of no surprise that by the age of 10 Samuels felt he was ready to compose his own peace. Beginning his musical journey Samuels knew he had to work hard to create a name for himself but first he had to come with the proper stage name. After great debate he came up with the name 45 as a tribute to dancehall music giving the fact that vinyl records were called 45. By the age of 15, 45 (Samuels) didn’t just create the stage name 45 he also create a name for himself among his pairs. As a child 45 (Samuels) frequently visited Jamaica with his mother and younger sister but in the summer of 2007, after being in Jamaica for only a few day he found himself greatly intrigued with the power of dancehall music in the Jamaican culture. After returning from vacation 45 swiftly connected with his friend/former classmates to discuss his recent epiphany. After discussing plans to take his musical passion seriously, he then establish a music group ( Hallogen) that included 45 and five of his friends . Releasing Daggering a unofficial song on Steven the genius day rave riddim made 45 the new talk of hisĀ  then high school, his lyric charged with catchy hooks and smooth style made it very hard to dislike his music.45 (Samuels ) worked as a account at his fathers automotive shop in boston, learning new marketing skill while earn money to support his musical obligations. 45 continued making songs that scored him city wide recognition, that was a big plus giving the fact he had never had any gigs. In the summer of 2009 45 recorded a song titled (A Nuh My Fault) on Russians Nuh Fraid Riddim, the song quickly became a hit among his city wide fans. After seeing the great buzz the record was getting 45 swiftly shot a video for the newly acclaimed song of the street, the video made it apparent that 45 was not going anywhere anytime soon butĀ  something missing. Shortly after the release of the video for (A Nuh My Fault) 45 felt it was time to put his marketing side to work by forming his own record label . In no time 45 sat down with his Hallogen group members to discuss the first step in starting the label off, the first proper thing to do was to come up with a name that would have meaning be elegant and reek success . After a long night of debating Hallogen members came up with the name New Vernon Hyghts (NVH). Second step would now be bulding a studio of theyre own that would meet professional standards. After graduating from madison park high school in spring of 2009 45, pursue getting his associate degree in music productions, but was not able to enroll because of the high cost of tuition. 45 then made a new resolution to himself that just because he didn’t attend school for music production didnt mean he couldnt study the craft and master it . In the spring of 2010 45 had saved up just enough money to start building the studio from the ground up. Even though 45 had many things on his plate like balancing work and constution of the studio, he still found time to record effortless hits among his pairs. In the spring of 2012 after two an a half years of constutions New Vernon Hyghts studios was finally ready to live up to its expectation. After the offical opening of (NVH) studios 45 has already recorded over a hundred song and counting.If you were to catch up with Howard (45) Samuels he would more likely be in the studio using his versatile style to perfect his craft with efforts to keep his rising fan base at the edge of they’re sets.